Asbestos Air Monitoring Across The UK

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Asbestos Air Monitoring And Analytical Services

AES carry out 4 stage clearance air tests and issue Certificates of Reoccupation upon completion of asbestos removals. AES also carry out reassurance air testing and compliance personal air testing for licensed asbestos removal contractors. Whatever your needs, be it peace of mind if suspected asbestos is present in your home or if you are an employer and your workforce are concerned about potential contamination, our retrofitted mobile laboratories can carry out testing wherever required. 

Upon receipt of results, a report is generated using a customised electronic asbestos management system, producing a PDF report which can be printed on-site or sent via e-mail.

Depending upon results our team will work alongside you to ensure a clean and safe environment is obtained. If you have any queries, why not give us a call?

Accurate Air Testing

Our UKAS accredited air monitoring services are carried out in accordance with ISO 17025.

Our mobile laboratories offer a fast and professional service allowing us to count your air samples, produce your report and issue the certificate on site, allowing you to get on with the job and reducing your downtime and cost.

  • Four stage clearance monitoring and certificate of reoccupation
  • Background air monitoring
  • Reassurance air monitoring
  • Personal air monitoring

4 Stage Clearance Monitoring

Four stage clearance monitoring and certificate of reoccupation is necessary following the removal of licensable asbestos materials. The four stages are:

  • Stage 1: Initial inspection of site condition and job completeness
  • Stage 2: An in-depth visual check of the work area/enclosure
  • Stage 3: Air monitoring
  • Stage 4: Final assessment post- enclosure/work area dismantling

We can issue a 'Certificate of Reoccupation' only after the completion of all four stages.

Air Monitoring Tests

Background air monitoring: This test allows you to stabilise the asbestos fibre levels before any work can be performed.

Reassurance air monitoring: This test is conducted where non-licensable asbestos materials have been removed. It is also carried out after known asbestos containing materials have been damaged and can be used to indicate fibre concentration levels.

Personal air monitoring: This test is used to ensure that the person doing the work is adequately protected from whatever levels of airborne asbestos fibres are present and to ensure that the control measures in use are suitable and sufficient.

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